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  Shanghai Premier gift is a set of product development, manufacturing and sales of professional gift company has been dedicated to promotional gifts, gifts, business gifts, luxury gifts, furnishings and other gifts.
our main production advertising promotions gift, and Shanghai statue is gift, and Shanghai gift, and Shanghai gift company, and Shanghai gift custom, and Shanghai gift wholesale, and Shanghai gift network, and Shanghai features gift, and Shanghai high-end gift, and Shanghai high-end gift company, and Shanghai gift shop high-end quality products and the first-class service quality, and let everyone shopping have assured happy worry! may we of cooperation better!
business gift widely, and for different enterprise by needs of gift, and style novel varieties of more, and main class products: Plastic ball pen, highlighter pens, advertising pens, gift pens, shapes, twisting, pen, pen, finger, hand writing, press start, rotate, metal pens, metal pens, Parker pens, metal lamps, LED light pens, Luxury pens, and so on. New gestures pen, and can bent folding gestures pen, and gift ballpoint pen, and cartoon gestures pen, and cartoon gestures pen, and creative advertising pen, and creative gift pen, and Tiger twist twist pen, and lucky Tiger bent advertising pen, and auspicious Tiger bent gift pen, and cartoon twist twist pen, and animal twist twist pen, and advertising gifts, and promotions gifts, and phone gift, and beer promotions gift, and car advertising promotions gift, and mobile gift, and telecommunications gift, and Unicom gift, and points gift, and novelty creative gift, new strange gift.
teams and organizations: the company has a group of young people with professional knowledge, rich sense of responsibility and team spirit. Under the design, research and Development Department, production department, Ministry of transport, the Ministry of finance and professional advertising screen printing plant.
products and services: Shanghai Deluxe gift co sure that only market-oriented research and development, always pay attention to changes in customer demand and respond quickly, can guarantee the Shanghai Premier gift company products and services, is valuable to their customers. Launched a successful series of independently developed elaborate promotional items for customers, at the same time, Shanghai Deluxe gift provided by the co must ensure that products and services are high quality, excellent price, will ultimately win the recognition and trust of customers. Is because of the quality, service and price advantages, Shanghai Deluxe gift co is developing rapidly.