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World Association of silver called gems and jewelry trade association of China

  on July 11, 2012, the gems and jewelry trade association of China Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary-General Sun Fengmin and Shi Hongyue, Deputy Secretary General of the World Association of silver Mr.MichaelDiRienzo, Executive Director and senior counsel (former Chief Executive of the World Association of silver) Mr.PaulBateman for an informal discussion, on the development of the silver market today and I will with silver the World Association to Exchange and discuss future cooperation. Sun pointed out that the Secretary-General,
, the Chinese nation's love of silver long, especially the Miao silver jewelry became part of their lives. Last ten years, China's jewellery market is developing rapidly and has reached 400 billion yuan in annual sales, jewellery, gold demand is very strong, which led to the development of the silver market, however silver market is not yet mature, propaganda, with silver and Silver gift still has plenty of room for development. Secretary Michael Suen, the country has dozens of specialized production of silver jewelry manufacturers, however, if you want to further the development, silver jewelry designs it is necessary also to the timely development of the period, we should organize or silver jewelry design product design competition. History of silver also invited the World Association to participate in next year's annual meeting of China jewelry in Beijing in January to discuss domestic and international development of the silver market. Mr.MichaelDiRienzo and Mr.PaulBateman thanks and accepted the invitation. Also, they argued that World Association hope to have the opportunity to build a platform of silver with silver designers share their research in China.
through this meeting, both sides reached a silver jewelry in the international market, especially the Chinese market needs stronger advocacy and support for outstanding design consensus, I believe that through exchanges and further cooperation in the future, you can better promote the development of the silver market.

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