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Explore the gifts of "unspoken rules"

  Mid-Autumn Festival, national day and other major traditional festivals in China was giving way to contact feelings, good time to shorten the distance. But when this cluster gift, more tight spot when the giver, what gift? How to send? Gifts ease the mind of man can take? About gifts, it is a great.
reciprocity is an important part of Chinese culture for thousands of years, but now giving tends to be utilitarian. Many givers are "long haul" mentality to gift, and gifts of people behind often wonder what ulterior designs.
all the calculation, calculation of input and output, calculation of supply and demand, calculated to maximize the benefits ... ...
gift-value changes, gifts of significance has changed, giving tastes changed, also changed ways of gift giving, with everything "keeping pace with the" pace, people sigh sigh.
based on "theory of fun" decode for you gift "unspoken rules" and hope that we can inspire in reading, in the gift-giving process to maximize the value of gifts.
a gift?
herd: rushing headlong into mass action gifts blind
herd is that people are often subjected to the influence of the majority, and followed the mass of thought or behavior, also called the "bandwagon effect". Economists often use "herding effect" to describe the economic entity, the herd to follow. Flock is a very loose organization, usually in the left blindly rush to right, but once there was a sheep, sheep are rushing headlong into mass action without thinking of the other, regardless of previous Wolf or not better grass in the distance.
Concord fallacy being rejected please stop giving
something into a certain cost, to a certain extent found should not continue, but for various reasons the bottomline, begging for more. When you are an irrational actions, should never forget what has happened and your cost, as long as this activity requires energy and can bring benefits, evaluating whether it can bring positive results. When investing, looking ahead, the situation, if you find that this investment does not profit should be stopped as soon as possible ... ...
b what should I send?
Friedman's law: courtesy is not expensive, please favor is the hard truth
United States psychologist n • w • Friedman's theory, when a person needs when you can meet the needs of another person, the two tend to like each other. Interest and complementarity of interests, will need to need to meet each other.
28: gift
of 20% is useful only in 28 also known as Ba Laiduo law, is the late 19th century and early 20th century Italy Economist Ba Laiduo invention. In his view, any set of things, most important accounts for only a small fraction of about 20%, although most of the remaining 80%, but are secondary, also known as the law of 28.

c gift taboo today and law: gift needs fresh
law of today is in Germany the marginal utility of Ghosn, an Economist named value, which is the law of desire and enjoyment of mutual relations and changes. The same enjoyment to repeat, it brings the satisfying will continue to decline; the same enjoyment to repeat, get satisfaction at the first and second largest.
Greater fool theory: don't be a biggest fool
Greater fool theory (theory), refers to the capital market (such as shares, futures markets): it was completely willing to pay a premium to buy something of real value, because they expect there will be a greater fool will spend to buy it from them at a higher price. Greater fool theory suggests it is one of the most important truth is that in this world, not terrible, terrible last fool.