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Corporate gift promotional needs with four large platform

  promotional gifts, required the help of a good platform, can play a role. Promotional gifts can be divided into the following four platforms:
the first platform: live
live show is a good way to communicate effectively with consumers. Field instruction products, host, product demo, deepening consumer knowledge of products, consumer buying interest.
such as cosmetics sold in the Terminal during the on-site beauty model, it can be emotionally to enhance consumer awareness of the product, and general marketing is difficult to achieve the kind of results.
the second platform: promotional
composite promotions feature is operable, it's quick. Clear!
points of interest such as consumer bought a piece of SOAP to send, such as a toothbrush, plain and simple, for the increase in sales was also evident.
such as buying over 100 Yue-Sai products: to repair facial cleanser sample a bottle.
198, get a piece of amethyst ring aiming, et cetera.
the third platform: project promotional
project is more complex to operate! one more involved in all aspects of the relationship. Usually for consumer focus on companies and products, in the off-season to improve the market balance sales or public relations.