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Older people for Mid-Autumn Festival gift

  every year to the Festival's most popular items is the mooncake. Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival custom of gift giving in our country, but of different age groups, different hobbies people send Mid-Autumn Festival gift also has the distinction of today to buy purchase Guangzhou gift NET teaches the Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for the elderly.
Festival should be sent the elderly what Moon gifts:
we all know that old people, health fading, appetite earlier than ever before, and nostalgia in the psychology of the elderly, so dutiful sons and daughters if they want to buy a box of moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival for older family members, the best is still dominated by traditional tastes of moon cakes.
to buy buy regular recommend for Mid-Autumn Festival gift for older persons: Lotus seed paste moon cake, nuts-cakes and other traditional moon cakes or on the market specifically for the elderly launched feature-cakes.
claims to be the first White Lotus paste and Wing wah of Hong Kong, with sophisticated production technology, smoothness of the mouth has been the traditional moon cake sales in the high-end market. And many large hotels in the production of Lotus seed paste moon cake also worth looking forward to. You can try the new Lotus seed paste moon cake, which is based on the improvement of traditional nuts cake a cake, gently bite the loaves, hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds are clearly visible inside. In addition, a hotel in Beijing also introduced a filling is wild, skin is made of cornmeal cereal cakes.
and sent moon cakes are sometimes slightly simpler, we recommend: mooncakes and tea and a box of small, old friends is the most intimate gift. Doctors suggest eating sweet cakes Jasmine tea is best, sweet, mildly good; eat savory cakes and drinking Oolong or green teas, it is better to have the feeling of pleasant to the palate. But note that is containing high levels of caffeine in tea and coffee, such as carbonated drinks, Cola or fruit juices contain a lot of calories and sugar, and eat cake mix is not conducive to health. In addition, as a gift for the elderly, ginseng tea, calcium tablets, nutrition oral health care products are also a good choice.
now that you know what the Festival should be sent the elderly Mid-Autumn Festival gift. In addition to body and the Mid-Autumn Festival for the elderly on the cakes, should also take other cakes with edible beverages, tea and so on. For the elderly launched health products can be matched together.