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Free 20 gold American animal people

  Shenzhen Safari Park to be invested 200,000 yuan to buy birthday gifts the public triggered heated discussion. Reporter learned yesterday, the Zoo has adopted two programmes provide, first, to the blue sky over more than 10 families of autistic children presented "Zoo + Special tickets of the world", the second is to give the people Jin Dafu gold animal. The Zoo will continue to solicit Members of the public and tourists ' favorite gift-oriented society, invested 200,000 yuan to the memorial gifts free of charge to the public.
it is reported that the Zoo's upcoming "American animals wind episode" meet the 19 birthday, 20 kinds of nearly 300 animals of the Americas "exhibition of rare animals of the Americas" plays. Shenzhen Jin Dafu jewelry co officials recommended by the network, the Zoo made animal-shaped gold gifts for members of the public, "heavyweight" gift can also cause the recipients attention. Following consultations, the Jin Dafu jewelry will undertake to make this batch of gold American animals. It is worth mentioning that, 20 gold animal will be free of charge as a gift to the people of the Americas. As gifts or in the pipeline.