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Gifts to meet for the first time how to speak

  how to introduce each other gifts? gifts each person in the community life of face thing.! However, gift giving, gift-giving even a lot of people say a torrent. this remarkable network analysis. how to introduce each other gifts.
How to introduce each other gifts:
first, should take the initiative, positive attitude, and to seize the opportunity, to play it by ear. That is, if you want to know someone, or to introduce someone to whom, depending on the location, occasion, time, circumstances, select opportunity, passion, actively and proactively promote their proximity and contact so as to meet or introduced.
II, from the order, under normal circumstances is to introduce younger to older, introduced to high status, low status, to introduce juniors to seniors, to introduce men to women. For example, students visit each other or lead students to home to play, met after the parent, will first introduce students to parents, saying, "this is my classmate Tom, brought him to our House to play and play hard." Then introduce parents to John classmates said, "this is my father, this is my mother." Now John classmates should the parents take a bow, called an "uncle, aunt you well." Of course, this example is the most common and easiest way, but it's important and indispensable, the lack of it will cause embarrassment.
third, meet for the first time met, be sure to greet, salute. Whether through introduction, have not introduced, first met to say hi, and Arch a hand or a nod or smile. This is, of course, also depends on the specific situation. Whether to bow, salute the decision according to the object, if it is a respected scholars, elders, teachers, leaders and other salutes. In addition, salute, say hello at the same time and had to say before and after friendly honorifics, congratulations, congratulations. For example, really honored to meet you, have heard your name, your certain I appreciate, admire, you made me read it, very inspiring. But to note is, not hype, don't exaggerate, much less hypocrisy, so offensive to the other, so every word of praise should be practical and realistic, valid, well-founded if you don't know, just say hello and Greetings can be a few words.